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We bought PET washing line, PE film washing line from Shadow already four years ago , but we still use it very well , thanks for Shadow's kindly service, we will expend of our business and will buy another new line from STPLAS.

—— Sophia Bachtsevani

Hi , my name is Alexander from Russia, and we are very glad to have a glace chance to buy shredder from STPLAS, and they have good qualities, and good service, She is a very friendly madam. Hope can buy more machine from you in the future.

—— Alexander

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Plastic Recycling
Latest company news about Plastic Recycling

Plastic pollution has now become a global issue. To solve plastic pollution, in addition to issuing bans for businesses and shops to use disposable refractory plastic boxes to find renewable and degradable bioplastics, speed up the establishment and improvement of plastic recycling systems to improve waste plastics Recycling rate is also one of the effective means to control plastic pollution.
The treatment methods of waste plastics are generally divided into incineration and landfilling. However, the air pollution caused by incineration and the land and visual pollution caused by landfilling have made plastic recycling an important solution to environmental problems. The recycling of waste plastics has become a worldwide problem, and people's demand for a green ecological environment forces the recycling of waste plastics to become inevitable.


Statistics show that my country produces nearly 30 million tons of plastic waste every year, but the recycling rate is less than 10%! Most waste plastics are buried and incinerated. Such a low plastic recycling rate shows that my country's plastics industry is in a state of serious imbalance between the number of recycling and the total production. If the waste plastics are not effectively recovered and recycled, it will cause huge pollution and damage to our country's ecological environment, and will also increase our country's energy consumption. Therefore, we must attach importance to the recycled plastics industry and increase support for the development of the industry to further give play to the important role of the industry in solving plastic pollution.
Compared with virgin plastic production mode, recycled plastic has great environmental advantages. Taking polyester plastics as an example, the energy demand of recycled polyester is less than 2/3 of that of the original, and it can reduce 2/3 of sulfur dioxide and 1/2 of nitrogen dioxide. Water consumption is also reduced by 10 times, and it is no longer needed. Landfill treatment of polyester waste plastics can avoid soil pollution.


Recycled plastics not only have environmental advantages, but are also a requirement for the development of a low-carbon society. With the rapid development of the economy and society in the Internet era, the logistics and food delivery industries have become the main industries that use plastic products. As the demand for plastics increases, a lot of energy is consumed, and the recycling and reuse of waste plastics will greatly promote the development of a low-carbon society.


At the same time, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has issued a forecast warning that the world will face energy shortages in the next five years, and oil and natural gas supply will not reach the level necessary to maintain global economic growth in just a few years. The world is facing a shortage of resources, and we must make full use of available resources. The recycling of waste plastics can solve the shortage of plastic raw materials to a certain extent.


In order to regulate the orderly and healthy development of the recycled plastics industry, China has successively promulgated a series of regulations such as the "Solid Waste Management Measures", the "Management Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Pollution from the Processing and Utilization of Waste Plastics" and the "Environmental Protection Management Regulations on Imported Waste Plastics It shows that the country attaches great importance to the important position of the recycled plastics industry in China's low-carbon economy, and it also shows that China's recycled plastics industry is moving towards formalization and maturity.


It is understood that the number of enterprises and personnel engaged in the recycling and processing of recycled plastics is huge and steadily increasing. The practitioners are mainly self-employed and farmers, and there are also some investors in other industries. The plastic recycling industry has provided channels for rural economic growth, employment of rural surplus labor, and increased income, and has made great contributions to resource recycling and environmental protection.

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Industry experts said that since my country banned the import of waste plastics from abroad, the number of domestic waste plastic recycling and utilization has been increasing. There are more than 3000 registered waste plastic import and processing enterprises in China, and the total number of domestic enterprises engaged in waste plastic processing exceeds 10,000. After technologically innovative products and industrial structure adjustments, my country's recycled plastics industry has made great progress and is developing towards high-quality, multi-variety, and high-tech. The recycled plastics market environment has begun to take shape.

At the same time, the recycled plastics machinery industry still needs to improve production technology, reduce environmental pollution, and comprehensively consider product quality and energy efficiency in order to pursue a more comprehensive, more coordinated and more sustainable development, so as to break away from a single, high energy consumption The production mode of the company has embarked on the road of combined and intelligent production methods.

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