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India: the first Asian country to launch the "Plastics Convention"

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India: the first Asian country to launch the "Plastics Convention"
Latest company news about India: the first Asian country to launch the "Plastics Convention"

India generates about 9.47 million tons of plastic waste each year, of which about 60% is recycled. Although this proportion is low, it is still in the top quarter of the world. About two-thirds of all plastic waste is PE and one-tenth is PET. Among them, about 43% of all plastics produced in the country are used for packaging, and most of them are disposable.

The Indian Plastics Convention will focus on four 2030 target actions-list of disposable plastics; 100% of plastic packaging can be reused or recycled; 50% of plastic packaging is effectively recycled; the average recycled content of all plastic packaging is 25%.

At present, 27 companies and organizations in India have joined the agreement as founding members, including major FMCG brands, manufacturers, retailers and recyclers.

It is reported that India is the first Asian country in Asia to join the Plastics Convention.

The "Plastics Convention" was initiated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. At present, the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Portugal, Poland and other countries or regions have joined the initiative.


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Indian Prime Minister Modi vowed to eliminate all single-use plastics by 2022. The country will also launch this campaign against marine debris and promise to make India's 100 urban monuments cleaner and become "junk-free attractions."

According to the report, Modi’s commitment is the world’s most ambitious "plastic elimination" action, which aims to completely prevent plastic pollution in India’s fastest-growing economy. "The choices we make today will determine our future," Modi said when attending World Environment Day celebrations on the 5th. "This choice is not easy, but through increased awareness, technology and a true global partnership, I believe we have made the right choice. Let us unite to defeat plastic pollution and make our planet a better place."

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