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HDPE bottle Recycling Process

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—— Alexander

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HDPE bottle Recycling Process
Latest company news about HDPE bottle Recycling Process

Old milk bottles are separated from most PET, vinyl or other polyethylene-free containers at the recycling facility and sent to the bale recycling facility. When they reach the recycling unit, most bottles have lids. Bottle caps normally represent 10% of the total weight of the bottle and are also recyclable.


The bottle also contains about 5% of residual milk that can be removed during the washing process. This package also contains several bottles of detergent. Although detergent bottles are made of HDPE, they are usually colored and made of HDPE copolymer. They are better separated for recycling.


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HDPE milk bottles are generally handled using the monitoring system shown in the figure below.

Benefits of HDPE recycling of milk and juice bottles:
The shape is easy to see and the source is abundant;

As the resin used for dairy products is an absolutely necessary resin for blow molding, products processed in several batches have stable MI and density;

Recycling HDPE milk containers can result in transparent and colorless products. Since the final processed material does not undergo any thermal degradation during processing, it has essentially the same rheological properties as the original resin.


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Use of recycled HDPE materials


The market for recycled HDPE materials from milk and juice bottles is limited to blow molded products or extrusion products. Although recycled HDPE can be used for injection molding, the higher molecular weight of HDPE results in higher injection pressure and over-orientation deforms part of the material.


HDPE recovered from old milk bottles has been used in the following areas, such as: B. Engine oil bottles, cargo bags, packing tapes, drain tubes, crockery containers, inner layer of coextruded bottles or blown containers , pallets, garbage bags, garbage containers, outer packaging, etc.

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