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Coca-Cola Recycled Bottle -The World's First Marine Recycling Waste Plastic Recycling Bottle

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Coca-Cola Recycled Bottle -The World's First Marine Recycling Waste Plastic Recycling Bottle
Latest company news about Coca-Cola Recycled Bottle -The World's First Marine Recycling Waste Plastic Recycling Bottle

Nowadays, the world is promoting environmental protection, so modern people are becoming more and more aware of environmental protection. You see, Coca-Cola has also joined the environmental protection team. According to reports, Coca-Cola has launched a Coca-Cola recycled bottle. What kind of raw material is Coca-Cola recycled bottle made of?


As a carbonated beverage, Coca-Cola is very popular among consumers. However, recently, the news that Coca-Cola will launch recycled bottles has attracted the attention of netizens. 25% of the plastics in this Coca-Cola recycled bottle are marine garbage. Of course, this is also the world's first marine recycling waste plastic recycling bottle.


According to reports, recently, Coca-Cola Company launched the world's first beverage bottle made of marine recycled waste plastics, the first batch of 300 plastic bottles. It is reported that from 2020, Coca-Cola plans to promote this recycled material in Coke bottles.


The recycling of plastic waste is the result of a collaboration between Coca-Cola and the Dutch startup ioniqatechnologies and one of Coca-Cola's PET plastics suppliers. To process the collected waste plastics, ioniqatechnologies uses a polymer depolymerization technology that breaks down the PET into a number of monomers that can be regenerated, after which the material is sent to indoramaventures, which is polymerized to produce a new plastic.


According to the Coca-Cola Company, some of the marine plastic waste recovered from the Mediterranean and beaches was converted into recycled plastics and involved in the manufacture of about 300 Coca-Cola bottles at 25%. The design and development of these bottles demonstrates the transformative potential of enhanced recycling technology that recycles and produces any quality PET plastic that has been used into high quality plastics that can be used in food or beverage packaging.


Marine litter refers to persistent, man-made or processed solid waste in marine and coastal environments. Marine debris not only affects the marine landscape, but also threatens the safety of navigation and has an impact on the health of the marine ecosystem. It is easily swallowed by marine organisms. It has been reported that many marine animal deaths are caused by accidental consumption of marine debris.

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