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China's Plastic Recycling Market Has Changed after China Banned the Import of Waste Plastics

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China's Plastic Recycling Market Has Changed after China Banned the Import of Waste Plastics
Latest company news about China's Plastic Recycling Market Has Changed after China Banned the Import of Waste Plastics

The information released by AMI Consulting in Bristol, UK on July 26, 2018 is as follows: Applied Market Information Ltd, a leading consulting firm in the industry. (AMI Consulting) recently released a research report that the plastic recycling industry must be vigorously developed, taking into account the impact of the ban on the import of waste plastics from China, in order to meet the EU's 2030 plastic packaging recycling target.


Although polyethylene is currently the most recycled polymer in Europe, the rate of PET found in waste plastics (the percentage of recyclable materials transferred from the waste system, the amount of recycled material divided by the amount of recyclable material produced) The total amount is the highest. This is because PET waste is mainly derived from post-consumer PET beverage bottles. These bottles are widely collected in many countries and are equipped with a long-term stable collection system. After legislating the cost of beverage container deposits, the collection rate of PET beverage bottles is as high as 96%, which encourages consumers to participate in plastic recycling systems by providing economic incentives.


The development of mechanical recycling technology is changing the shape of the plastics recycling industry and improving the ability to recycle plastics in a closed loop mode, helping to maintain maximum value. However, due to the instability of quality and supply, a large amount of recycled plastic is degraded and recycled for use in lower value-added applications. These new opportunities are available to those looking to take advantage of industry changes and developments.


How about the current European recycled plastics market?


According to PlasticsEurope, the European plastics industry employs approximately 1.45 million people, working in 62,000 companies (mainly small and medium-sized companies in the plastics processing industry), creating a turnover of more than 350 billion euros per year.


About two-thirds of the demand for plastics in Europe is concentrated in five countries (25.4% in Germany, 14.3% in Italy, 9.7% in France, 7.6% in the UK, and 7.5% in Spain). These countries produce about 570,000 tons of plastic per year, while Europe's demand for the same period is only 460,000 tons per year. Therefore, the space available for recycling companies that want to purchase investment in Europe is enormous.


Prosperity to purchase investment in Europe



1. Excellent location

Europe is bordered by the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and the ground in the south. Due to its strong geographical advantages, it has been a trading power since ancient times. The superior trading system has attracted plastic entrepreneurs from all over the world and has become the largest plastic distribution center over time.


2. a perfect recycling system

As a developed western country, Europe has a very complete and sound recycling system. As early as many years ago, German plastic bag sorting machines ensure that sorted plastic tote bags are not left in the environment.


3. Strong policy support

In addition to the largest trade market, Europe has some features that cannot be ignored. In France, since 2010, the French government has implemented some tax cuts for productive investment. It also conducts a comprehensive study to streamline the patent application system and improve tax credits in order to attract more people into the French recycling sector.

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