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Can PET Plastic Bottles be Recycled and Broken for Textiles?

We bought PET washing line, PE film washing line from Shadow already four years ago , but we still use it very well , thanks for Shadow's kindly service, we will expend of our business and will buy another new line from STPLAS.

—— Sophia Bachtsevani

Hi , my name is Alexander from Russia, and we are very glad to have a glace chance to buy shredder from STPLAS, and they have good qualities, and good service, She is a very friendly madam. Hope can buy more machine from you in the future.

—— Alexander

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Can PET Plastic Bottles be Recycled and Broken for Textiles?
Latest company news about Can PET Plastic Bottles be Recycled and Broken for Textiles?

The advantage of broken PET bottles is that their recycling rate is better than that of plastic bottles of any other material. This is mainly due to the fact that the recycled PET bottles can be widely used in various applications such as textiles.



Glass fiber reinforced PET crushed material is suitable for electrical and electronic and automotive industries, and is used in various coil bobbins, transformers, televisions, tape recorder parts and shells, automotive lamp holders, lampshades, incandescent lamp holders, relays, selenium rectifiers, etc. The current consumption ratio of PET crushed engineering plastics in several application fields is: electrical and electronic 26%, automobiles 22%, machinery 19%, appliances 10%, consumer goods 10%, and others 13%. At present, the total consumption of PET crushed engineering plastics is not large, accounting for only 1.6% of the total PET crushed materials


At present, heat-resistant PET broken plastic bottles are widely used in food and beverage packaging. Its high transparency makes it extremely competitive on the shelf, and consumers can directly see the packaged items. PET broken bottles also have a certain heat resistance, which is very important, especially when packaging food and beverages, heat resistance enables it to maintain the stability of the packaging and not release harmful substances to the product.

Heat-resistant PET broken material plastic bottles, which are currently the plastic bottle type with the highest market share and the highest recycling rate in the plastic bottle packaging field. PET broken bottles have many advantages that other packaging types cannot replace. The PET broken bottle has high transparency, heat resistance, stable material, strong plasticity, and the recycling rate of PET broken bottle is very high. Many advantages make it gradually become the mainstream in the plastic bottle packaging market. For PET broken bottle packaging, we believe that more impetus is indeed needed to promote its development.

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