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Analysis of quality classification standard of recycled PET bottle slices

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Analysis of quality classification standard of recycled PET bottle slices
Latest company news about Analysis of quality classification standard of recycled PET bottle slices

Recycled PET, due to its relatively short recycling cycle and relatively mature upstream and downstream development, has been attracting numerous manufacturers in recent years.According to the current domestic recycled PET products, 65% of them are recycled PET bottle flakes made from waste beverage bottles.What grades can be divided into recycled bottle slices and which link of recycling and reprocessing has the greatest impact on their quality?


Although there are many manufacturers of recycled bottle tablets, most of them are small in scale.Manufacturers do not have a very concrete concept of the quality and grade of their products, which affects the expansion of the sales radius of manufacturers and the development of new customers.What is the standard of product grade classification and the recycled bottle tablets can be roughly divided into several categories? Let's have a look at them in detail below.


                                                                   Classification table of recycled bottle slices


Product level Humidity Size(mm) PVCcontent Inherent viscosity mPa.s Melting point(℃ Appearance
Filament level blowing bottle level plastic belt level ≤0.5% 12-14 0.1‰以内 0.77-0.85 240-250 Clean , transparent
Imitates the big three dimensional level ≤0.5% 14 0.3‰以内 0.7-0.85 240-250 Clean , transparent
Imitation of middle magnitude ≤0.8% 14 0.5‰以内 0.65-0.7 240-250 Clean
Imitation of small magnitude ≤0.8% 14-16 1.0‰以内 0.65左右 240-250 Clean



The table above is our grade classification of recycled bottle slices in terms of usage and PVC content.As can be seen from the above table, the processed recycled bottle slices have different levels of chemical fiber suitable for production due to their different PVC content.The higher the content of PVC, the lower the grade of chemical fiber.Recycled bottle slices can even be used to make bottles and plastic steel belts when the PVC content of bottle slices is less than 1/10000.Therefore, how to reduce the PVC content in recycled bottle flakes is the key to process recycled bottle flakes.


As we all know, PVC in recycled PET bottles is mainly in the form of label paper. As PVC and PET are both submerged materials, PVC must be removed before crushing and processing, so as to ensure the quality of recycled bottle pieces.At present, in the production and processing process of China's cottage bottle slices, most small manufacturers use manual de-labeling, to remove the label paper.This method is relatively clean to remove the label paper, but the efficiency is low, the production pace is slow.Larger manufacturers use stripper to remove label paper.Although the strip-off machine boasts that its strip-off rate can reach 98% or above, it is still far from enough compared with the requirements of a few parts per million of downstream PVC.Currently known high-end machinery, such as spectrum sorting, is based on the different reflected wavelength of plastic, will not be PET plastic as far as possible to eliminate out, in order to ensure the purity of the remaining PET plastic, this kind of equipment is also the scale of manufacturers put into production and expansion of equipment can be carried out.


It can be seen from the above analysis that the most important way of grading bottle slice is impurity.After knowing this, the bottle tablet factory can also have this ability in the future return material production and processing, and can improve the quality and expand the business according to this standard.

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