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Waste sorting brings new business opportunities to plastics market?

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Waste sorting brings new business opportunities to plastics market?

Waste sorting brings new business opportunities to plastics market?


Since it was carried out formally since July 1th, Shanghai was first enter into the mandatory age for sorting the garbage, While Shanghai residents are busy with garbage sorting, huge gaps have also appeared in the local sorting bins. Orders of sorting bins from Shanghai have snowballed into taizhou, zhejiang, an important source and distribution centre for plastic products in China. Local plastics companies are working around the clock to bring a steady stream of trash cans to the Shanghai area. While the demand for sorting trash cans is booming, the demand for plastic raw materials is also increasing.


Due to climate, temperature and usage, there have obvious differences among different regions. At that time, because of the performance of the trash can requirements, there will be targeted regional differences: The low temperature in northern cities lasts longer in winter, so there will be higher requirements for low temperature toughness; Due to the humidity and long illumination time in southern cities, there will be higher requirements for resistance to hydrolysis and photochemical properties. Garbage subdivision, for different garbage corresponding to the garbage bin, color identification, the most intuitive, or will drive the demand for color masterbatch materials. In the next few years, the national market will continue to release demand, the drive of the plastic market will be more obvious.


Waste sorting will give plastics a big boost in the future. According to the data, There are more than 500 million garbage cans in use in China, 66% are tin and wooden cans, but only 30% are recyclable plastic trash cans. There are standards for plastic trash cans, PE, PP by virtue of high strength, long life, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to wash disinfection, no pollution, economic and environmental protection, convenient health and other characteristics are used in the manufacturing of plastic buckets. The service life can be up to 5-8 years., with the addition of anti-ultraviolet agent and flame retardant, the service life of recycled materials is significantly shorter than that of new materials. Generally, the service life of new materials is about 5 years, and the service life of recycled materials is about 3 years. With the continuous promotion of waste management regulations, there is still a lot of space for the use of plastic garbage cans in cities across the country.


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Since May, there had been a blowout increase in dustbin orders from Shanghai, and the products are obviously in short supply. The company has suspended other plastic production lines to ensure the production of sorting bins. The orders received now are enough to be arranged until next month. The customer will send cars directly to the market to wait for the goods, which will be immediately pulled away once they are out of the oven. At present, the mainstream price of plastic bins on the market is 5-30 RMB, while the mainstream price of classified bins is 50-200 RMB. In this change, bin sellers and producers are undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries.


Garbage classification leads to new jobs and new business opportunities.Waste sorting itself belongs to the environmental protection industry, which is a green industry with broad market prospects. However, our country's garbage classification was always in the pilot stage before, and the implementation was not compulsory, so the progress was very slow. As a result, garbage classification stagnated and did not play its due effect, and the relevant industrial chain did not develop. Now this situation is changing. Garbage classification has entered the formal implementation stage from the pilot program, and the national implementation schedule has been released. The 46 pilot cities of waste subdivision identified in China will be widely distributed in various regions of the country by the end of 2020. As key cities of the pilot, the waste classification and treatment system will be basically built, and the relevant industrial chain will also welcome a good opportunity for development. The market potential of environmental protection industry is very huge. If enterprises want to take the sustainable development road, they need to continuously understand the market focus and improve their competitiveness, so as to be invincible in this multi-competitive society.




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