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Principle analysis and formula of waste plastic PET bottle flakes detergent

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—— Sophia Bachtsevani

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—— Alexander

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Principle analysis and formula of waste plastic PET bottle flakes detergent

With the widespread use of PET packaging materials such as plastic packaging boxes, beverage bottles, and oil bottles, the amount of waste after use is extremely large. The recycling of such wastes is extremely economical. At present, the recycling process of PET waste plastics is basically divided into several steps: sorting, simple washing, complex washing and drying.


Sorting is a simple process of simply removing other garbage or other plastic materials, then roughly washing them with water, washing away most of the sediment and water-soluble impurities, and then washing them with a working fluid with detergent. Remove the surface of the ink, small particles of impurities and other contaminants, this part is the key to the entire washing and recycling, and then discharge drying


At present, most of the waste PET cleaning uses strong alkali cooking, which is not only inefficient, but also wastes resources, which will cause serious environmental pollution. A few enterprises also use organic solvents for cleaning. This kind of cleaning detergent is harmful to the health of operators. The environmental pollution is also large.


Nowadays, washing detergent specially used for cold cleaning of waste PET are gradually being used by recycling manufacturers. The use of this product has many advantages, one, energy saving and environmental protection, second, cleaning speed is fast, three, operation safety is high, and four, prices are low.

The formulation of the product mainly comprises an anionic surfactant, a nonionic surfactant, a penetrating agent, an alkaline auxiliary agent, a water softener and a filling aid.



The anionic surfactant is usually selected from sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, triethanolamine oleate, and the like;

Nonionic surfactants are usually selected from OP-10, flattened, etc.;

Penetrants often use a penetrant T with better temperature resistance;

Basic additives usually use sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, sodium hydrogencarbonate, triethanolamine, phosphate, etc.;

Softeners usually use sodium metasilicate;

Filling auxiliaries are usually selected from Yuanming powder.


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